Divorce with Grace

Readers will come away with grace for themselves, grace for the situation, and even grace for their ex. You’ll gain clarity on what you truly want in this new phase of your life.

Through the GRACE journey, divorce can be an exciting, exploratory time that catapults you to a richer, juicier life.

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Divorce with Grace by Lori Anderson





During a difficult divorce, author Lori Anderson set out on a quest for healing. Having witnessed too many victims of divorce, who were stuck in a rut and living only half a life, she sought something better for herself.

In Divorce with Grace, Anderson shares her experience and hard won insights, guiding you through the steps of G.R.A.C.E. – Grieve, Release, Allow the Good to Gush into your Life, Create Your Life by Design, and Evolve.

Lori takes you on a journey that will put you on the path to living your life full out, and ultimately, seeing the light after divorce.


When you read Divorce with Grace you will:

  • Learn healing exercises and techniques to expedite your healing process and make conscious choices to become better, not bitter
  • Receive helpful advice and self-care techniques that assist you during the emotionally charged divorce process…so you can get on with your amazing life
  • Gain clarity on what you really want in this new phase of your life
  • Have grace for yourself, grace for the situation, and even grace for your ex
  • Be inspired to live full out and ultimately see the light after divorce

See what others are saying about this wonderful new book by Lori Anderson:

“I personally know Lori and love her and her book. She is a loving and wise woman who helps people transform into beings of love and light, turning their past hurt and pain into energy they can use to manifest lives of peace and productivity.”

— Dr. Joe Vitale, star in “The Secret,” author of “Zero Limits”

Utterly compelling. Divorce with Grace takes the reader on a journey of introspection through the difficult time of divorce. As a result of reading this book, you see the light after divorce and you become a better YOU!

Janet Bray Attwood – New York Times Bestselling Author “The Passion Test” The Effortless Path to Living Your Life Purpose

Author, Lori Anderson is a deeply spiritual being, sister, mother, life coach, writer and speaker…who one day had to accept that in spite of every effort, and desire to “fix” the problems in her once very loving marriage, Her marriage could not be saved.

No amount of counseling or prayer would work. She had as her mentors had advised, and to whom she had listened “turned over every possible stone before agreeing to end the marriage in divorce.”

Lori shares her journey through the difficult process of divorce, the conscious choices to  “become better, not bitter”, helpful advice and self-care techniques that assist you during the emotionally charged divorce process .

Lori partners with you and shines a soulful light on the process of healing ourselves and creating a richer and  juicier life – in this stunningly honest and insightful first book, Divorce with Grace.

Jody Peterson-Lodge